Instructions, CSS snippets and tweaks for the Divi Theme

Divi is a versatile theme. But sometimes you still need to customise. For that, we share our helpful hints and snippets.

How to remove sidebar in Divi

This is from an Elegant Themes blog post, where they also give some other method options: /*** Take out the divider line between content and sidebar ***/ #main-content...

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How to push down Divi blurb title

Want to change the vertical alignment of your Divi blurb title to be better centred with a left icon? Here’s the CSS snippet to make it happen: /* Align blurb title with icon */ /*Change 8px value to work with your heading size */ .et_pb_blurb h4 { padding-top: 8px...

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How to Change File Permissions

It often happens that when a user installs their first module on a particular website it shows up in the page builder editor, but it displays incorrectly on the front end. This is usually caused by a file permissions issue. That is, the folder does not have correct...

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Introducing the Modal Button Module

We have created a custom module for the Divi Page Builder that allows you to use a Divi-styled button to open up a modal window with more content. No longer do you need to create an entire page for a small amount of content. That’s completely unnecessary with this...

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How to hide the Divi footer

Want to hide the footer in your Divi themed WordPress site? Here’s the CSS snippet to make it happen: /* Hide footer */ #main-footer { height: 0 !important; overflow: hidden; }   How to hide the Divi footer on a particular page/post only Now let’s say you only...

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