Tips & Tutorials so you can get even more from Divi Theme

Our team has designers and coders, but we have stopped fighting. Now we create smart Divi methods together, and share them here.

Child Theme Basics

Child Themes are a funny mix of essential and non-essential, as well as easy and complicated. We say they are a must EVERY time you build, and here we've made it super clear exactly how.

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Installing SSL on Divi Theme

The simplest way to install an SSL certificate on every Divi website you publish.

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Creating a Divi Child Theme

Follow these steps to have a Child Theme you can put on your Divi (or any WordPress) website within 15 minutes! It's easier than you might think. All steps broken down so even newbs can do it.

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More Lessons Coming Soon

We're working on a whole lot more Divi guides. Granular steps on how to do those tasks that had us stumped in our agency. Our goal is to assist other freelancers and agencies be less stressful, more profitable, and have more time at home with their families. Need a lesson? Feel free to get in touch.

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