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Add essential website elements using our

Custom Modules for Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder Plugin

Here you can download new custom modules for Divi Theme.


We love working with Divi, especially the Page Builder, by Elegant Themes.

It is dominating the WordPress Page Builder market.

And we are

OptimusDivi is intent on taking the Divi felxibilty to the next level!

Developers can already do anything at all inside Divi. Now here is an interface to put this same power in the hands of all Divi website builders.

We are most excited about making custom Modules available in the Page Builder. And about enabling other users to build their own Modules.

We do this through our free plugin, making it possible to add your own custom modules; or to use the modules available in our library.

Module Extender for Divi

Here’s the list of all the Divi Custom Modules we have available: