Instructions, CSS snippets and tweaks for the Divi Theme

Divi is a versatile theme. But sometimes you still need to customise. For that, we share our helpful hints and snippets.

How to add Font Awesome icons to Divi

Divi theme comes with 360 icons (you can find a preview of all the Divi icons here). You can use them, for example, in the blurb modules. But what if you wanted to use a different icon? For example, if you cannot find a suitable icon within the Divi ones. Or you may...

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How to add a Custom Font to your Divi website

Divi now has now made it really easy to use custom fonts on your website - no code required! So make sure you've updated the to latest theme version and follow these instructions: Step 1: In any module with text on your site, click into the module settings. Step 2:...

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Set a sitewide overlay hover color in Divi

The default Divi overlay colour (for images, shop product tiles, etc.) is a semi-transparent white that washes out your images. You can change these settings globally for each module in the Module Customizer, or individually in each module's design settings. But with...

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Creating Global Sections in Divi

You can create a global section in Divi by: A) Building it on a page - for the advantage of being able to preview as you go - and saving it to the Divi Library as a global section; OR B) Create it directly in the Divi Library.   A) How to save a Divi section to...

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