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How to fix a custom footer to the bottom of the screen

New instructions coming soon for using Theme Builder in theme versions starting from Divi 4.0! In the mean time, here are instructions for older versions of Divi: So, you've made a custom footer layout and saved it in your Divi Library as a Global Section. Then you...

Creating Global Sections in Divi

You can create a global section in Divi by: A) Building it on a page - for the advantage of being able to preview as you go - and saving it to the Divi Library as a global section; OR B) Create it directly in the Divi Library.   A) How to save a Divi section to...

How to add a Global Section to your Divi footer

[Update since Divi 4.0 release: The post below was a method utilised before the release of Divi 4.0 with the Theme Builder. But now, there's no need for any code when you need a custom footer layout. Click here for instructions on how to implement a custom footer...

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