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> Installation FAQs

What are the minimum system requirements?

You definitely need:

  • WordPress (obviously),
  • Divi Theme (or Divi Page Builder Plugin),
  • PHP 5.6+ on your server

Does it work with Visual Builder?

Currently the modules are built for the Page Builder editing interface only, not the Visual Builder editor. You can still use the Visual Builder on sites where the modules are installed, but you will not be able to edit those particular modules except through the Divi Page Builder.


> Troubleshooting FAQs

My plugin does not update successfully on my website, which I cloned from another URL.

If you have installed these plugins on a development site and then cloned them elsewhere, you’ll likely see this error when you try to update:  “An error occurred while updating Optimus Divi Module Suite: Download failed. Unauthorized“.

Each time you create a cloned site, you will need to deactivate the license and reactivate it on the new URL. 


  • Select the license key in “Optimus Divi Licenses”
  • Cut it (Ctrl+X) to the clipboard so that it is blank in the license field
  • Then click “deactivate”.
  • Paste it back in and
  • Click “Activate”.

This will assign the license to the new URL. Your license can be used on unlimited sites. But you must go through this process, otherwise it does not know that your new URL has permission to receive the updates.

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