How to add a footer.php file to your Divi child theme

Sep 6, 2018 | Child Theme, Footer, PHP

Haven’t created your Divi child theme yet? Do this first:


Step 1:

Log in to your website’s cpanel and click open the “File Manager”.

You could also access your site files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software if you are more familiar with this method.

cpanel file manager


Step 2:

Open “public_html” (double-click).

open public_html folder


Step 3:

Open “wp-content” folder.

open wp-content folder


Step 4:

Open “themes” folder.

themes folder


Step 5:

Open your child theme folder.

open child theme folder


Step 6:

Click on “+ File” in the top menu.

file manager add file


Step 7:

Create your child theme footer.php file by naming the file:


and clicking “Create New File”.

create footer.php file


Step 8:

Right-click and “Edit” the new footer.php file to add your desired code.

(You may need to click “Reload” above the files/folders list.)

edit footer.php file

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