Creating Global Sections in Divi

Sep 6, 2018 | Divi Theme, Global Section

You can create a global section in Divi by:

A) Building it on a page – for the advantage of being able to preview as you go – and saving it to the Divi Library as a global section;


B) Create it directly in the Divi Library.


A) How to save a Divi section to the Divi Library as a global section.

Build your section on a page using the Divi Page Builder or Divi Visual Builder.

Right click on the “Settings” icon of the section, then select “Save to Library”.

Page Builder:

save section to divi library

Visual Builder:

settings icon in visual builder

save section to library from visual builder


Name the saved section for reference, check the box to make global, give it a category if you like (for organisational purposes), and save it to the Divi Library.

Page Builder:

save as global

Visual Builder:

save as global from visual builder


You have now saved your section to the Divi Library as a global section.


B) How to create a global section directly from the Divi Library.

Navigate to Divi>Divi Library.

divi library


Click on “Add New”.

add new divi layout from library


Give the new layout a name, select the layout type (section, in this case), and tick the “Global” checkbox.

give name, select layout type and check global option


Create or select a category, if desired, then click “Submit”.

optional category and submit


Edit your layout as you normally would (using Page Builder or Visual Builder), then save/update.

Build divi section and save


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