How to Edit Images in Gallery

Nov 2, 2017 | Basics, Divi Theme, Gallery

Step 1:

Log in to your WP Admin panel.



Step 2:

Select “Pages” from the WordPress admin menu.



Step 3:

Choose the page you want to edit.

(Click on the page’s title, or the “Edit” button in the menu that appears when you hover over the page in the list.)

choose page to edit


Step 4:

Using the Divi Builder:

This is made up of Sections (blue), Rows with columns inside (green), and Modules inside that (grey). The icon of 3 horizontal bars is the “Edit” menu of each bit. You want to edit the “Gallery” module.

Edit Module in Divi


Step 5:

Click on “Update Gallery”. (This is the only setting you want to change for updating images only.)

Update gallery in gallery module settings


Step 6:

You will now see a menu where you can:

a) Remove images by clicking the “x” in the top right corner;

b) Add photos by clicking “Add to Gallery”.

Edit images in gallery


Step 7:

“Add to Gallery” takes you to the media library. You can select images you have already uploaded to the media library, or click “Upload Files” to directly upload some new ones.

Select from or upload files to the media library within gallery

Click on “Add to Gallery” once you have selected any new images.

add to gallery

Click on “Update Gallery” when you have finished updating your images and dragging them into your desired order.

update gallery

Then click “Save & Exit” to exit the module with your changes made.

save and exit


Step 8:

Finally, click on “Update” in the “Publish” box to save and publish your changes.

(If you wish, you can “Preview Changes” first, but you will still need to click on “Update” to save.)



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