You can edit the colour of your text links in the Divi Theme Customizer. But what if you want more? Perhaps you want the old school look of the underlined text links. You can do so with the following CSS:

/* Add underline to paragraph text links */
p > a {
text-decoration: underline;


You may also like to include this styling in text within bullet points and numbered points (unordered and ordered lists):

/* Add underline to paragraph text links and links within lists */
p > a, ol > li > a, ul > li > a {
text-decoration: underline;


Where to paste the CSS snippet

Copy and paste the above snippet into one of the following two places (depending on where the rest of your custom CSS code is residing):

1) Navigate to Divi>Theme Options and at the bottom of the default “General” tab, paste the CSS snippet into the “Custom CSS” box and save changes.

divi theme options

2) If you are using a child theme, navigate to Appearance>Editor and paste the CSS snippet into your child theme’s stylesheet.

navigate to wordpress theme editor

Child Themes

We recommend using a child theme. It is your insurance against losing your custom work in updates. Click here for instructions on adding a basic Divi child theme with a stylesheet (for custom CSS). Click here to learn more about child themes and getting the most out of the Divi theme.

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