How to Clear the Logo in the Divi Navigation Header (to Default Divi Logo)

Mar 3, 2018 | Basics, Divi Theme, Logo, Navigation Header

Why would I want to clear the logo back to the default Divi logo?

You probably don’t…unless:

  • You work as/for a website agency building multiple Divi sites starting from a backup of a previous or preferred installation. (For a preferred installation, you will most likely not have an unwanted logo in place, BUT if you’re working on a website for a client who has said – give me the same layout as Previous Client A‘s website, then you may start with a clone and need to remove some settings from the previous client’s website.)


  • You are going to remove/hide the logo from the navigation, and don’t want another client’s logo popping up there if for some reason a Divi update meant that your settings to hide the logo were temporarily broken/undone.


OTHERWISE…You might be looking for some different instructions:


Step 1:

Log in to your WP Admin panel.



Step 2:

Navigate to Divi>Theme Options in the menu.

divi theme options


Step 3:

Click on “Reset” to remove logo.

reset to clear logo



Save changes to your theme options. Now the default theme logo will be in place.

save theme option changes

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