How to Change the Divi Footer Text

Nov 29, 2017 | Basics, Divi Theme, Footer

NOTE: These instructions apply when using the Divi default footer, as opposed to a custom footer in the Theme Builder.

Step 1:

Log in to your WP Admin panel.



Step 2:

Navigate to Divi>Theme Customizer.
You can do this from the Admin Panel menu,

theme customizer from admin panel

or also from the front using the editing bar.

Navigate to theme customiser from front of website


Step 3:

Select “Footer” from the Theme Customizer options.



Step 4:

From there, you will see that you can edit the footer credits and publish changes.

bottom bar

Type in your custom footer credits and save.



Changing the footer text in the Divi Theme Customizer has some has limitations:
Shortcodes for © and 2017 will not work from there (nor the equivalent html) – unless you are using our custom child theme. 😉

  1. You can customise your child theme to be able to use these shortcodes in the Divi Theme Customizer.
  2. Or for a no-fuss, no-code option, you can use these shortcodes if you customise the footer with the Divi Booster plugin (instructions below):


A) With the Divi Booster plugin installed, navigate to Divi>Divi Booster in the menu.

navigate to divi booster plugin settings


B) Scroll to the “Footer” dropdown area to change info. “Replace footer links…” checkbox should be marked. Edit as needed.

change footer text


C) Save changes.

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