Play Button Icon Library

Optimus Divi Resources

Here is a free sample of play buttons for you to download and use with the Video Pop-up Module. Enjoy!

PNG Play Icons

A variety of coloured play icons in PNG format. They include matching icons for both normal and hover states. Great for standard use.


SVG Play Icons

A variety of coloured play icons in SVG format. Divi does not naturally support SVG, so you will need an SVG plugin in order to use them. Great for crisp icons.


Sketch File

A Sketch App file containing the full set of editable play icons. Use these to create icons of different colours or customise to your hearts content.


Video Pop-up Module

Third party videos in a pop-up player

*Compatible with the Divi Theme Page Builder, and Elegant Themes Page Builder Plugin. Note that it does not currently render in the "Visual Builder", though you can still edit the rest of your page in there. We're working on this.