Pricing Tables+ Module

Pricing Tables+ Module

Unlimited Site License

Identical to the Divi Pricing Tables Module, but with a handy text field added as a sub note to the price. So when you need to display a disclaimer or extra info, you can put it on the extra line. With the original if you attempt this it breaks the mobile responsiveness and causes the text to run outside of the box.

*Compatible with the Divi Theme Page Builder and Elegant Themes Page Builder Plugin. Not editable with the "Visual Builder".

Installation Instructions
  1. This is a plugin that can be uploaded through the usual WordPress>Plugins>Upload New Plugin functionality.
  2. Then select the file you have just downloaded, and click "Upload".
  3. Once uploaded, WordPress will prompt you to "Activate" it.
  4. Each of your purchases comes with a License Key. The module will work without it, but won't receive any updates. We recommend licensing the plugin immediately, so you don't forget. You've paid for 12 months of updates anyway, so you may as well take advantage. Just copy and paste the License Key into Plugins>Optimus Divi Licenses.

That's it! The new module will be in the list when you click "Insert Module" in the Divi Page Builder.

Price note field added to the original Divi Pricing Tables Module