Boxed List Module. Automatically organise your list items into columns and boxes with the power of flexbox.

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*Compatible with the Divi Theme Page Builder and Elegant Themes Page Builder Plugin. Not editable with the "Visual Builder".


See this custom Divi module in action.

Here is the boxed list in action
Automatically adjusts length of boxes to fit list items across the row
Some list items are short
Some are longer and require wrapping over multiple lines; the longest list item in the row sets the height for the whole row of boxes

Boxed List Module Key Features

This Module is packed with features, and with more on the way. But here are some of our faves:


Drag Drop List Reorder

Dump the list in any order, and it is simply a matter of dragging elements into a new order. Just like a Divi Gallery, or any module with a sub menu of “items”.

Mobile Responsive Column Count

This module uses Flexbox to create the columns. Dynamically fits the optimal amount for the content! Fully responsive.

Module and individual list item styles

Easily set the box styles all the same across the whole module. Or just as eaily set one or more indivdually. You can make one stand out, or have them all different!

Editing could not be easier

Because we are Divi users, we design and base all our modules on our experience using Divi, ensuring they are intuitive to those familiar with the interface.

Add Your Items

Boxed List Module uses the “Add Item” repeater. Add as many “Items” as you need for your list. Need to reorder? Simply drag and drop.

Add Your Content

Each Boxed List Item has a text and optional link URL field. Simply fill them out as required and away you go.

Add Your Style

Each Boxed List Item has design and CSS options allowing you to make featured items unique. This combined with design options in the main module settings all with seep gives you a great balance of speed and control whatever you want your list items to look like.

What about the columns?

The module will automatically fit as many columns as it can, based on its minimum width and the column you have housed it in. Even in a one-column row, it can display as a four-column grid! This makes list management MUCH easier, rather than having four separate modules. Especially if you need to alter them later and then refactor them to be even in each column!
They also will automatically keep each row to be the same height, so if one wraps on to a second line, that whole row will adopt that length box. This keeps it consistent and easy to read.

*Compatible with the Divi Theme Page Builder and Elegant Themes Page Builder Plugin. Not editable with the "Visual Builder".